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Kinetta Tours – Transfers and Holidays

From €65.00

Kinetta Village It’s a coastal village in western Attica located along the National Road Athens-Corinth,60 kilometers west of Athens. It is built on the shores of the Saronic Gulf, just west of Kakia Skala (Skyronides ungraded) under the Geraneia. The Kineta has one of the longest beaches of the north Saronic, something that made her…

Agioi Theodoroi

Agioi Theodoroi Agioi Theodoroi, at the region of Ancient Krommyona, is the first stop for visitors coming into the Corinthian Prefecture from the north. The magnificent Geraneia Mountains stand imposing above Agioi Theodoroi, which got its name from the traditional little church. It is a touristic seaside resort that ideally combines the natural beauty of…


Vrachati Tours – Transfers and Holidays

From €45.00

Vrachati Vrachati is a touristic attraction and one of the most famous resorts, especially during the summer. It has taverns, restaurants, cafeterias and various forms of of night life. In the touristic part of the Municipality of Velo- Vocha, you will find numerous accommodation. It is named after the massive natural disasters provoked by goddess…

Ancient Corinth

Corinthos (Korinthos) New and Old cities Corinth is the capital of Corinthia Municipality and one of the most important ports of Peloponnese. It is the seat of the homonymous Corinthian Municipality and is the second biggest city of Peloponnese District and first of the Prefecture with 58.280 residents, according to 2011 census. The modern city…


Loutraki Tours – Transfers and Holidays

From €35.00

Loutraki Loutraki, the second biggest urban center of Corinthia, is built on the foot of the Gerania Mountains and is the seat of the Loutraki – Agioi Theodoroi Municipality. A known tourist resort of the country, mainly for its thermal spas, its mineral water and its casino. Loutraki lies 84 kilometers away from Athens and…


Xylokasto Tours – Transfers and Holidays

From €65.00

Xylokastro South of the Corinthian Gulf, is one of the most beautiful towns, Xylokastro. It was probably named after a wooden barracks (Xylokastro= wooden castle) located at the west side of a hill above the modern town, near Sythas River. It has been a raisin producing center and during the growth commerce period, drew foreign…


Tour Code: Η2  Departures: Daily Morning 07:30 from Athens  This 1/2 day morning Athens sightseeing tour emphasises with the magnificent views of historical and archaeological sites of the city. During the Athens Sightseeing tour our professional guide will present us -passing by-: The Panathenian Stadium, The National Picture Gallery, The glass Runner, The Megaron Concert…