ancient-corinthosWe have designed tours that each one lasts 5 days with a possible extension up to 15 days. Our 5-day tours are named “Family tours” because your customers, our driver, our escort, the hotelier & the locals become one big family!

For the very adventurous customers we provide an exciting 8 or 15-days journey around the Peloponnese, named “Hercules”.

For those who love beaches the 8 days “Hello Beaches” tour (six beaches in eight days) will fascinated them. We further have multiple suggestions for Peloponnese and Athens tours as well as thematic tours such as hiking, wine tours, spa, sun and rock, olives and sea etc.

The groups are small, ranging from a few persons to maximum 19-20 persons, staying in small beautiful cities, in mid-range family hotels. Larger groups are further welcomed.

The tours commence from different cities of Peloponnese, in order to cover all contrasts of Peloponnese.

In each 5-day tour more services can be added such as: daily culture tours, nature tours & cruises, hiking tours, lifestyle tours & days with locals, thematic tours ( castles, caves, local architecture, religious, beaches of exceptional natural beauty, wine, photography etc) as well as free days.

Marriages in Monemvassia Castle as well as Athletic and Health Tourism are further available, creating in this way a complete travel package for any customer who wishes to see Peloponnese from a different perspective: the local-oriented perspective.

Give your customers the chance to explore this beautiful land with its history, its habitants, their lifestyle and the Greek hospitality!


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