The company MAR. TERZI & SIA OE, that from now on will be referred to as the COMPANY or Terzis Travel, with the head office  located at Korinthos, 30 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street, Postcode 20100, Greece, Tel +30 2741080300/80350/71710, Fax +30 2741023388, email:, website: VAT 084184060, Trade registration number 115248637000, License no  12-47-Ε-61-00238-0, has the right to use the digital booking system Terzis Travel  for bookings through the internet, under the following terms. Their acceptance is essential condition for those who they are to make use of the system. The visitor / user of the pages and services of the Terzis Travel network, grants his consent to the following terms of use that are in effect in content, for the total of pages, graphics, images, photographs and files in general that are included in this space, consequently ( the user/ visitor ) owes to read carefully these terms before the visit or the use of the pages and/or services and content of this network place.

1. The contents of this web page belong to the COMPANY and they constitute copyrights as these are fixed and protected from the Greek and International Legislation. The users recognize the property and copyrights of COMPANY and they are committed to respect them. Indicatively it is reported that the copy, reproduction, modification, sale, transfer, of elements, distribution, reconstruction, broadcast, sale of information, issuing of use license, is prohibited. The technicalities and all printed and electronic means that are provided in any form to users, are given on deposit and by that is not transferred their ownership or copyright to the users. Similarly the use of insignia or logos is not allowed without the previous written approval of the COMPANY. Transfer or entrusting rights to others is possible only with document of the COMPANY.

2. The electronic reservation system of Terzis Travel  is a web page of transaction, where all tourism professionals, ( Hotels, tourist agencies etc ) which from now will be referred to as SALESMEN, enter their products for sale. The customers, will from now be referred to as the PURCHASERS, make their reservations through the system. The righteous description of the products on sale, the prices the terms of payment and their content, which should be according the Law and the virtuous morals, constitute responsibility of the salesmen. The data of the products on sale (tourist services) are registered in the system by the suppliers or the mediators of these, where also respectively is taking place the reservation. The value of each reservation is collected directly in full by the COMPANY (even if the reservation was made from mediators) according to the terms that they define each time. The COMPANY also maintains the right to act also as SALESMAN.

3. The information that concerns the tourist region which is visited constitutes project and responsibility of the COMPANY, which makes every effort so that they are precise and without errors, which however cannot be excluded (absent). This information does not mean that it is suitable to be used for any purpose. It is recommended to be verified. Additionally, for the user’s benefit, in the electronic reservation system of Terzis Travel are included certain interconnections ( Links ) to web pages that belong in third parties. The content and the information of these web pages, has NOT been verified by the COMPANY and therefore the COMPANY does not accept any responsibility found in such sites.  The COMPANY has the right to ask from the PURCHASERS to evaluate the products that they bought and the results of the average value of the evaluation the COMPANY can to be present them in the system.

4. The reservations that are made via the electronic reservation system of Terzis Travel  are automated and the feed-in of system is carried out by the salesman. The confirmation is also automated and holds place of convention between the salesman and the purchaser. Simultaneously are caused reciprocal obligations, as these are reported in the service’s description, in the printed confirmation and as these are fixed by the Greek legislation. The salesman maintains the right to modify the confirmed reservation according to the terms that are reported in to the sale product and inside the boundaries of the Greek legislation. Similarly the purchaser has the right to modify or to cancel the reservations that are have being made via the system of Terzis Travel  according to the directives that are found in to the confirmative email and the cancellation policy that the salesman placed. The users are entitled to follow carefully the directives regarding the financial repercussions that they are quoted in the terms of sale of each product by the salesman himself.

5. The users (salesmen and purchasers) declare that they irrevocably accept and unconditionally the correctness of the reservations that the electronic reservations system of Terzis Travel  records. Similarly they declare that they have legal faculty and that they are accountable to the COMPANY for the righteous use of system. The user is not allowed to assign, to transmit, to cede or grant his rights in third parties neither third party to undertake the user’s obligations. Users which will try to induce with any way or to create problems in the Terzis Travel  electronic reservations system, resulting to damage the COMPANY or other users, have the responsibility that results from the Greek and international legislation, and is penal and urban ( for compensation ) indebted. The COMPANY in this case maintains the right of research of all information and IP address of the user that caused the damage.

6. The COMPANY is not accountable for damage from the user or third party that may be caused by the use of the online reservations system ofTerzis Travel, as it was previously mentioned that it does not participate in the process of transaction between salesman-purchaser. If result any requirements at both sides, the COMPANY is not involved in this litigation because the convention, with the confirmation of reservation, becomes between salesman and purchaser. The responsibility of COMPANY is limited to the promotion and the good operation of the online reservations system to the extend that depends from it, (the company) and not for any dysfunctions that are been accountable third parties that offer their services, as is indicatively reported damage in the electronic equipment and generally damage and dangers that are emanated from the internet suppliers network, the security companies etc. Similarly the COMPANY does not have any responsibility or obligation of compensation for any damage or moral damage that results from the weakness to the support services. If however, results responsibility of the COMPANY, despite all these that were mentioned before, this is limited to compensation, that includes juridical expenses and lawyer’s wage, up to the fee limit, by the SALESMAN, for the reservations that resulted damage, as this is recorded in the system.

7. For the protection of personal data the visitor/user owes to read carefully the terms that are forecasted in the relative department under the indication “Protection of Personal Data” and if it does not agree he owes to do not use the pages/services of the present network space.

8. In a case where the Purchaser realizes important divergences in the services that he purchased through the Terzis Travel  network place, with those that he found at his arrival at the accommodation or in the beginning point of the service, he is obliged to notify these in writing IMMEDIATELY and without delay to the SALESMAN himself and to Terzis Travel, so that they will contribute to the problem’s re-settlement. If nevertheless and despite the intervention of the SALESMAN or Terzis Travel  there is no solution found for his problem, the PURCHASER must, within 7 days from his exit from the hotel or the expiry of the tourist service to submit in writing his complaints or his any financial requirements for the damage that by any chance existed from the COMPANY or SALESMAN’S omissions. After the lapse of the 7 days mentioned above, it is (taken for) granted the complete acceptance of the services that were purchased by the PURCHASER.

9. The company is entitled to alter the terms and the new ones will appear in the Terzis Travel  electronic reservation system. The use of the system is tantamount to acceptance of the conditions at the time of use.

10. All terms of this are essential.

11. For any dispute or difference arising from the use of electronic reservations system Terzis Travel, which is directed against the company, applied the Greek law and users renounce the right to choose another applicable law. To solve these sole responsible are the courts of Korinthos, and a further operation on its own.